Hi welcome!

We are Nesto and Finley, two labradors living our best lifes as brothers. Together with our pawrent (Sabine & Kaj) we live in The Netherlands and drive with our Toyota Landcruiser ‘around the world’. Maybe you’ve seen us on the road or on our social media? Nice of you to visit our website LabOpStap, which is short for ‘Labradors Op Stap’. This is Dutch for ‘Labradors Going Out’.

When our pawrents are not working, we try to visit and explore places very far and close to home. Before any traveling can happen a few things must be arranged for my brother and me to be able to join. Apparently we are not allowed to just wiggle wiggle across the boarders anytime, anywhere we want… On this website we try to share with you what has been arranged for us to travel, where we went and what it looked like, what gear we specifically take with us and our (travel) blogs.

Our Pawrents

With the arrival of Finley we are expanding our website with stories about his journey to become moms certified PTSD service dog. This is a new adventure and hard work for the whole family, which we would like to share with you. We must adjust, adapt, learn and train a lot. All of us! Also our gear had to change, because there were a few new needs and wishes. Because of this we will share some practical stuff, as well as gear, training ideas/progress and new blog topics.

First off, thank you very much for visiting our website and we hope you liked it or maybe learned from it. Please don’t forget to leave a paw behind in our guestbook or in the comment section.

Lots of love and Sloppy kisses,