My first blog-paw

Here it is… Our new website! We are busy with work and the preparations for our European Continent trip. Well work… Kaj has cut back the work to two days a week, which gives him three days per work week to work on the preparations of the car and ToughTail. The car needs a new interior in the back for us and for me to sleep on. And now my boss has the time he is replacing al the wiring and cable harness for the auxilliaries in the car. When our ToughTail (the expedition trailer) is back from the doors-factory, my boss will work on preparing that with all cabinets, kitchen, drawers etc.

My mom are working three mornings a week and are working on the trip-route. Where are we heading first, what should we see in all the different countries: Austria, Czech Republic, Romania, Montenegro, Albania, Georgia, Iran, Norway, Ireland… and many more.

And me… I am supervising my mom and my boss so that everything runs smooth in the house. I have to watch them close to make sure they are relaxing as well!

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