New Rythm

So, the beginning of May is behind us and now both my mom and dad finished working. The goodbye was good and difficult at the same time. Saying goodbye to colleagues after 9 years is rather difficult and sad, but for the good cause of traveling. And then you are at home… all day. Now what? When you work, you have a daily rythm and routine. Normally my mom worked in the mornings and she was with me in the afternoons. Now she is home all day and I guard that she is not falling into a black hole.

We start with a walk in the morning after breakfast. Then my mom is doing some work for the website and she does some preparations for our trip around Europe. After lunch we do our big walk and later some work on the sewing machine. Then it’s already time for cooking for the evening.

My mom is working on clothing bags inside the car. They are the backrest for the seats inside the back of the car and storage for clothing at the same time. Grandma Zoetermeer took the time to teach my mom how to work on her sewing machine, so that she could sew it herself rather than spending €300,- when buying.

One of the two clothing bags

Meanwhile my boss is working on the Toughtail and the car. We are doing some last things to close up the Toughtail against water intrusion. Also the front of the driveline is renewed, the leaf springs in the rear are new and the electrics of the car is being done, the clothes washing solution is installed, the solar panels are getting their spot and the kitchen is being designed. The winch together with the extra lights are re-installed on the car and the interior is being build.

Because there are still a lot of small things to be done, we work daily hard to get them done in time. My grandma and grandpa (parents of Kaj) are sometimes helping us where they can so that we don’t have to concentrate on food, washing clothes, cleaning the house, groceries etc. That’s a true blessing! My grandpa is helping changing the motor oil, waterpump, gearbox oil, cooling water and installing all kinds of bits and pieces. And in the afternoon my grandma is walking me through the Westerpark in Zoetermeer with her electric scooter, which is AWESOME! Then I can run and swim as much as I want and sleep the entire afternoon.

We plan to start our adventure at the end of May 2019! Hopefully we see most of youfor a last time before we leave!

The Toyota Landcruiser with the Toughtail

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