On the road!

We are now traveling for 5 days and we are starting to get comfortable. Wow what a transition. My mom was still sick and has quite a difficult time during the nights. She’s not only keeping herself up, but also me and my boss, as well as the rest of the campsite. The first week we are hopping from campsite to campsite in Germany and Denmark. For one reason because we still have to get used to camping again. And secondly because Denmark is still quite crowded.

Today it is Wednesday and we arived in Sweden. As well as in Denmark the people are really friendly, which is very nice. The scenery in Denmark reminded us a little bit of Holland, but cleaner and the people are more relaxed. But therefor not yet very exciting to travel through. Today we arived in Sweden and our first visit is in Ystad. We found our first cafe with WIFI… threfore this blog.

Yesterday we visited Copenhagen and had a good walk through the city centre, past all the big sightseeings. We had a good time.

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