From Sweden to Norway

It’s been a while since my last blog. We already have been to quite some places and drove every day.

A fun story from Sweden. We met two girls during a drive along a trail. We were looking for a place to stay overnight, but couldn’t find one. We decided to ask two ladies we saw building a tiny house. They invited us to stay at the lake at their parents land. This was actually right at the lake and could only be reached with our 4×4 car. We had a great night with lots of mosquitos… hihi..

We last visited fjallbacka in Sweden just before we left towards Oslo in Norway. I haven’t been writing a while because my mom is having a hard time. She is quite homesick we think. Especially the evenings and days with a lot of rain are difficult for her. Then she only has one thought in her head and that is to wanting to go home to her couch, television and own bed. We think it’s the time that is an issue. Everyday we stop driving around 5 or 6 o’clock in the evening. Then we have had enough after a day driving starting at 10 o’clock in the morning. But what to do until going to bed?

We just decided to make warm dinner during lunch break when the weather is dry. Otherwise when it’s raining in the evening, we cannot cook normally. We first need to set up the awning before we can start cooking and even then it is not even sure if you stay dry underneath.

One other thing which is hard for my mom is that it is quite cold here in Norway. And adding the rain to that, it becomes a true adventure that she isn’t ready for yet. To much challenges at once, to keep the mind clear.

At Wednesday evening it came to a breaking point… She wanted to go home! Bye bye Sabine and welcome Panic Monster! It was cold, raining, we had no possibility to cook because of the rain and nothing else to do then sit in the car and read a book. We rented a cabin to stay overnight, but honestly it wasn’t a lot warmer than the tent. The bed was a bit too small to fit all three of us, but we made it work and mom became calmer when watching a netflix film. My boss already looked up the departure times of the boat from Norway to Denmark. Then the next morning we could go home. It is indescribable how understanding my boss is… he is truly the most patient and supportive person on the planet!
What a disappointment for all of us… we have waited so long for this trip and my boss worked so hard on the trailer! And now we must go home, because mom is homesick. The lots of time we have left in a day now is so difficult for her! Maybe the trip came too early for my mom?

On Thursday we decided not to drive to the boat. We are going to try to make it work anyways.
We will rent a cabin or room when the weather is really bad and otherwise we will sleep in the tent. It will cost a lot more than we anticipated on, but it makes life a bit easier for my mom during the ‘hard’ times.

The hanging stone kjerag

We wanted to see the hanging stone today, this would maybe clear the mind again! 
We paid €25,- (!)to park our car near the place the stone is hanging. And let’s make things clear: we tried the cheap Dutch way by parking anywhere else, but that was not allowed nor possible.
The sign said that the walk towards the stone was 4,5 kilometres and the path was hard.
Well… we found out that this was NO LIE!!! We took the path, but even professional walking shoes were sliding off the stones as the hill was too steep. I myself have 4×4 paws, so for me it’s not that difficult terrain. However for my owners it was very steep. They had to hold on to chains that were secured in the rocks, to hold on to. They came until ¼ of the route when they had to give up. We made a misjudgement. Down the trail we spoke to some people that took 6 hours to get to the stone and come back for ¾ of the route. We thought we could walk it in an hour or so…hihi.

Now the evening is falling again and my mom starts worrying again. Ohno… not again… not these feelings and thoughts again… That’s why my mom and I decided to start writing a blog again in the car. That’s still warm and a bit comfy as well.

We hope all goes well with everyone at home and we miss you a lot, especially mommy!

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  1. Marianne says:

    hoi Avonturiers. Net jullie verslag gelezen. Ja ik weet het ook niet maar Noorwegen blijft wel daar liggen. Is het misschien een optie om af te buigen richting het zonnige zuiden. Dan hebben jullie wellicht wat meer comfort en lekker de warmte vd zon. We denken aan jullie!!!!!!!!


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