Norwegian Fjords and ferries

We have been in Norway for about a week now and we have already seen our fair share of fjords, mountains, the clearest water ever and ferry boats. Up to now we were quite lucky that the ferry almost always just arrived when we came up to the waiting line. That’s nice because then we don’t have to wait very long. In a few days we are heading for the Lofoten and that’s going to be a ferry trip of several hours. I’m already used to the boats and to stay inside the car, while my owners go up for some pictures. Then we will see the mountains again, because we have been out of the mountains for a few days now. The landscape is during our drive over the highway not that interesting, but you have to have some patient before you see the pearls of the country.

Some days back it was not my mom who had the panic, but me. I had an allergic attack and was itchy. I woke up my owners and my mom helped me through the panic. Later my dad went for a short walk with me which always helps well. Then I went sleeping in the car and my panic was over.

My mom didn’t have any panic attacks anymore. One small down moment, but she handled it well. She is calmer now and can enjoy the beauty of a lot of things more. It however is still a bit difficult with the weather. The weather is having a big effect on her mood. When it is all day rainy and grey, her mood is less good than when the weather is sunny. Which is not that very often here in Norway.

Yesterday we met some cyclists that were heading toward cape north from Toulouse in France. Can you imagine to drive 80 to 100 kilometres a day through the mountains? They also went over the eagle road and Trollstigen road. Incredible! They are with 3 guys and when it was pouring rain, they were sitting outside waiting for their food to be ready and putting up the tent. My boss and I said to my mom that she should remind them when she is feeling sad in the rain inside the car or the tent.


Today we hiked towards a whole inside the rocks/mountain called Torghatten. It was a walk of about an hour with at the beginning a steep climb. The reward was great because the whole is really nice and big. We shared some pictures on Instagram as well about it. Afterwards I’m always tired and sleep all afternoon, night and the next day. Such a trip is making me a bit too exiting.

After almost a week of wild camping we are at a campsite near the Torghatten. A shower was more than welcome! We were able to negotiate a  good price for our stay. Because we have a trailer with a tent on top of it, we pay only a price for a tent and not for a mobile home. NICE!!!
We can also do our laundry here, which is a nice bonus as well! It was in the price of our stay together with the WIFI, so this was a good deal for us.
We kind of struggle in Norway with our daily budget of €25 because a combination of groceries and campsite is not possible. Also the ferries add up quite easily… But we are now at an average of €35,-/day. We will catch this up in the east of Europe, my owners say.

Last update is that we had some milestones to celebrate: 1. We are officially out of peanut butter and 2. We finished the first toilet roll hihihihi…

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