The Baltic States

First we have visted Tallin in Estonia. This has an old part and a newer part. Tallinn is actually a nice city to visit. It had a good vibe and had even more restaurants and cafes than Helsinki. We ate at an italian restaurant with real italian pizza.
The next day we have been visiting the town Haapsulaa, which was oké. It had an old castle ruin, which was nice. We also visited a bakery which had great and delicious things to taste for us with a cup of tea or coffee. In the meantime it is pouring rain outside! And for the first time I have been into a bakery. I’m normally never allowed to go into a bakery, but this time I was allowed 😊! Today we also visited the Keila waterfall, which was quite small compared to the images my mom had looked up on pinterest. The picture was heavily changed with filters, but nevertheless the waterfall was nice, despite the rain.  Also today, we went to see a crater. It is the biggest crater within Estonia coming from meteors.
Than we went with the boat to Saaremaa Island. This is the biggest Island of Estonia and should be very nice. First we played on the beach a little bit with our car. We had to use the 4×4, but is was fun for my dad. On our way to find a camping spot, we have helped a young man with his bicycle. He had troubles with his gears and was walking already for 2 hours. He was completely exhausted and asked for a ride. My mom ride a small bit with me in the back, so that the young man could sit in front with my dad! We were glad to be able to be of any help to someone. After we dropped the young man off, we went into the bushes and dirt roads for our camping spot. We have seen 5 deer crossing the path! And the next morning we woke up to 2 horses standing on the field eating grass. That was nice!

The next day we travelled to the Saaremaa Island of Estonia. We have visited the Panga Cliff, which was quite impressive and a bit high. My dad went even down with a rope to the cliff beach. I didn’t have the right gear on me, so I wasn’t allowed by my dad to go. We also visited The Angla windmills. For us Dutchies that’s not so very impressive or new, but still the all wooden windmills were nice to visit. We could even go inside the mills. During lunch my mom and dad took a nap in the sun. I wanted to sit in the car, because the ground is much nicer there…  In the afternoon we took the boat back to the main land. We found a camp space near the water and there were two Germans with a camper. The man and woman were very nice and they invited us to come sit with them at the water after dinner. It was very nice! They had made many trips with a motorhome in almost all countries and continents, so the stories were wonderful.

On Sunday we visited Pärnu with the beach and a lot of coffee bars in the backyard of normal homes. It was lovely. We had a drink and went to the beach where there was a contest for volleyball teams. I wasn’t allowed on the beach so we went further after watching for a short while. In Pärnu we also met Japanese people who were part of a painting group. They all painted the same street with water paint, but at the same time all had a different painting and view. That was very nice and they were very good at painting. They also loved me!!! In the afternoon we looked for an early camp spot because my owners wanted to catch up some sleep. During my moms sleep my boss setup the awning because he saw that it was going to rain. Luckily everything was setup in time, because the next two hours it rained and rained and rained. And in the meantime we had to cook as well. At around 8 O’clock we met two Finish people with a little baby. She loved me and she was playing hide and seek with me.

On Monday we went to visit the oldest and biggest cave of Latvia. It was very small for your information, but it had encryptions from the earliest of 1664. That’s a long time ago!! We also went ahead and drove to Riga, because it’s all so close to each other. We decided to visit Riga in the evening as the weather should stay nice. And indeed it was. It was sunny and even warm. We were lucky and found a parking place in the centre of Riga for our car and trailer. It was €2,50 per hour. For €6,- we eventually had parked our car for multiple hours in the city centre… Wow! In the city I felt not so good. I don’t know what happened but my behind legs didn’t want to stand anymore. It was just for a second, but it scared my owners. In a bit I was fine again, but we don’t know what it was. After we had dinner in the city we went to the national park of Kemeri to find a camping spot.
The next morning we walked a small trail of 3 kilometres and I had to say that I was exhausted after that. I couldn’t go any further so we drove to the ‘hills of crosses’ in Lithuania. My owners visited the hill, but because the space between all the crosses was so small, we decided it was not fun for my to run in between. So I stayed in the car and slept the whole way through. The hills of crosses made a big impression on my owners, they were quite enthusiastic afterwards. Then we went to eat some pizza at a pizza place, because rain was right behind us and my owners don’t cook in the rain. Especially not my mom, she hates it when everything including the food is all wet. Funny thing is that the rain we were driving in a few minutes back, didn’t pass through anymore… hihihi so we had pizza and no rain,  I say GOOD DEAL!


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