Poland Experience


We drove from the southern part of Lithuania to Poland. First we stayed a couple of days in the North of Poland. We wanted to visit the bunkers of the Germans during the WWII in Poland. This was the headquarters of the Germans during the preparations of the attack of Russia. It was allowed for me to go in, so I was also in the tunnels and the bunkers. Very interesting I must say. Maybe I dig myself a tunnel at home…We also had some points in the Northern part of Poland but the weather was not very good so we skipped those. We had the plan to go to an ancient old forest where you could see all kinds of animal species that don’t live in Holland. Unfortunately this was only allowed with a guide and a tour of 6 hours starting early early in the morning. So unfortunately we couldn’t go. Also the chances to see special kind of deer and birds is very small when you bring me to the forest.  Therefore we chose to continue our pathway to Warsaw.

My dad found a path on his GPS which would lead us directly to the road we needed to take. The path started as a sand road, which went over into a mud road and quickly we needed to take a lot of water pools to pass through. Eventually the path became more of a tractor track. Then we noticed the rear wheels were spinning. But we came prepared so we put on the 4×4, no problem for us. Then we noticed that all 4 wheels were spinning… hmmm time to take the shovel and see if we can dig some dirt away. Still all 4 wheels are turning but the car is not moving. The trailer is slipping and hanging to the right wall of the road… hmmmm…. my mom is having this moment of: “why did we need to take particularaly this road, we could have seen this coming” and my dad had a moment of: “that’s not helping the situation, so not now”… And I had a moment like: “cool I’m going to sid in the drivers seat and sit back and look at the situation”. Eventually we had to use the winch together with a tree to come out of the mud. It appeared that our differential got stuck in the middle section of the path. And therefore all the wheels moved, but not the car. Luckily there were some small trees we could use, to get us out!

When we first entered Warsaw we couldn’t find the camping. We drove right passed it as it is very small. Anyhow, with some searching we found it and parked the car. We went immediately to  the city centre with the bus. I did it very well in the bus as it was a very wild ride. The chauffeur had full throttle or full braking and nothing in between. When we entered the city we didn’t like it at first. After quite some walking we came into the old city centre of Warsaw and that was very nice. We went to eat something in an Italian restaurant. It was funny because the owners were all Indian… and the food could be ordered gluten free. What a strange combinations we have in this world hihi… When we were eating it started raining and when we finished it stopped. We could go home dry, so that was nice!

The next day we went searching for propane to cook on. We have seen all sides of Warsaw and didn’t find our gas. Luckily we still have for a week of gas left, so we are not in trouble yet. The bottle that we brought from campingaz should be available within whole Europe. However we haven’t found this type of bottle. We found lots of other bottles, but they don’t fit on our regulator. So now we have to figure it out.

That evening we camped near the road in a forest campspace. It was quiet and free, so we took the space. We had a good night and it was advised via the app Park4night. My mom told my boss that she feels better to camp at spaces that are used more often as camping space, she feels safer, instead of these spaces all alone in the back of the forest with nobody around… With that sad that doesn’t mean she likes it when there are constantly people around. During this camp my mom was brushing her teeth in the morning, when se looked in the forest and saw a man sitting there. The man was looking at her and hid in the bushes. She told my dad and he went to have a look. He waved at the men and he hid again behind a tree. Then the man started to run away. Dad decided it was time for us to go, so we quickly packed all our stuff and headed the road again.

In the afternoon the scary part of the day was over. The man didn’t harm us, but was already watching us for some time… we simply don’t know what his intentions were. That makes it scary.
We went into a little village and found a bakery. We went in and had a piece of cake and some coffee and thee. I see we, but I had to wait in the car off course. That evening we camped near the water together with a lot of fishers. The next morning we had a young family moving into ‘next door’. I liked their little girl they had and she liked me. In the afternoon we hadded to Krakow, which was still a drive of 100km. In Krakow we are on a campsite which is quite full. Luckily they had a spot for us, but it is a tight squeeze. We plan to go the next days to the salt mine, to the city centre of Krakow and to Zakopane nature. Unfortunately we cannot go to Auswitz, because they don’t allow dogs ☹

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