Finley’s Bowties

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Because I’m being trained as a PTSD Service Dog, my mom has to pay my training her self. And because Mom is so determined to go back to work, one day, she decided to just go for it! The expectation is that my full training will most likely cost between 15.000 and 20.000 EURO. And in order to pay this, Mom got the advice to start crowd funding. But because we don’t like to just ask people for money, we came up with the idea to use old textiles and reuse them to make doggy bowties from it. We try to get the textiles as cheap as possible and all money for the bowties goes into Finleys training fund!!

Buy your BOWTIE here!

It was actually our good friend Lily (and her service dog Bucky) that complemented our very first bowtie and casually mentioned we could totally sell them to people. The seed was planted, only time was needed to make the idea of our own bowtie shop grow! We thank Lily and Bucky for introcuding us to the world of dog clothing accessories and giving us the confidence to start this adventure!

Hello Valentine’s Day


Uni Bowties

Other Cute Bowties

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