About us

We are Nesto and Finley, two handsome labradors in chocolate and black. I (Nesto) am the chocolate lab from 2010. Finley is the black lab from 2021 and is our latest family member. Our pawrents are Sabine (model 1987) and Kaj (model 1984). Only 6 months after they met, we took our first trip to Mongolia of 12 weeks. As of that moment this travel virus infected mom and me (Nesto). Fortunately, we never recovered from it!

About me (Nesto) – The LabOpStap OG

I (Nesto) came into the family in 2010 as an 8 week old puppy and was moms first true love. She was insecure about all of her life decissions and always had doubts. But her choice to make me (Nesto) part of the family was made in 0.2 seconds. I’m a pure bred good boy labrador retriever and love playing outside with a frisbee. My favorite activity is swimming in anything that can be called moist and MUST pan afterwards for a proper crisp effect. Like a true labrador!

My #1 food is rice with chicken, which is served ONLY in times of sickness or poor health. Needless to say the ‘Mommy I’m sick’-act is performed to perfection! My snack of choice is over all the years still a carrot or an apple with grandma. One of my goals in life was to become a big brother, which I finally succeeded in October 2021.

As my title says I’m the LabOpStap OG, which means I am the ‘Original Gangster’ of this website. I started this website asa puppy and am now 13 years old! All is written by me with Mom as my personal Typist. Occasionally I allow Mom or Finley to type a small story too.

About Finley – The LabOpStap 2.0

Finley is the latest addition from 2021 and is currently still ‘mommies little baby’ and my small baby brother. Finleys story is a bit different from my carreer story. My small brother is being trained in becoming moms service dog. His ‘training’ started at 8 weeks old when he first stept into our home. Also Finley is a pure bred good boy with a super curious character and almost no fear. Our doggyschool tested all puppies from this litter (8) and together with mom and the breeder they all believed a black, boy would be the best match for us! Finley scored best in the test and bonded immediately with mom.

Finley loves playing with his chuck-it ball or his friends. But he LOVES LOVES LOVES learning and performing little tasks for mom. Mom promissed to share more about his service dog journey via blogs.

About our pawrents

Our pawrents are Sabine and Kaj. We live in The Netherlands, a province called Gelderland, in a city called Arnhem (close to the German boarder). At the moment mom is a ‘stay-at-home mom’ focusing on a year of selfcare. Training Finley as her personal PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) service dog is part of this journey! She plans to go back to work after this year. Our dad has a full time job in Arnhem in the hydrogen fuell cell industry.

Our pawrents met in 2010 at work, as they both worked as an automotive engineer. They both just ended a relationship of 7 years and found each other during these difficult times. They started talking and hitted off. Not long after, dad asked mom to join him on a 10 week trip to Mongolia, he was planning. Dad already had traveled to places such as Iceland and Gambia with his Toyota Landcruiser. A first short camping trip to France together confirmed a green light to go to Mongolia with the 3 of us. Because mom was not going if I couldn’t come. That’s where this website actually started! The information we gathered to bring me across all boarders was completely new to mom and she wanted to share it with more people. The traveling virus spreaded from here!

About our Landcruiser

When Mom and Dad met, Dad was already in a longterm relationship with his Toyota Landcruiser HZJ74 from 2001. When both graduated in 2009, Dad decided to celebrate his graduation by traveling to Gambia together with grandpa. They went on a sponsor trip for 7 weeks and travelled all the way from The Netherlands to Gambia and back. Before they started their roadtrip, they together made sure the car was prepped for off-roading, lots of 4×4 driving, sand dunes, crossing water… yes, all the fun stuff! Soon, the Toyota Landcruiser became Dads ‘EVERYTHING’, his #1, his baby, the love of his life…

Over the years Dad learned exactly how to take care of his Landcruiser, as most of the regular repair shops didn’t know how to. Only specialists and ‘fidels’ are trusted with this diamond. Preferably most repairs, restorations, replacements, upgrades are performed by Dad himself with support from Mom & Grandpa (cleaning parts), Grandma (for catering services) and emotional support from Finley & me.

Read more about our Toyota Landcruiser on the soon to be launched page about this vehicle.