About me

I’m Nesto, a chocolate brown labrador retriever from 2010. I am a boy and love to play with a tennisbal or become crazy when you show me a frizzbee. I also love swimming at any temperature above (or below) zero and love driving with the car.  My favorite food is rice and chicken, but I only get that when I’m sick. My favorite snack is a carrot or an apple from grandma! Later when I grow up to be a big boy, I would love to become a farmdog, with some land and lots of animal brothers and sisters.

My pawrents are Sabine and Kaj. The three of us live in Arnhem in an apartement. During the week they work in Barneveld and Arnhem. I play with my buddies at the doggie daycare or go for a hike together with the pack of Woebels with Femke.

In 2012 my boss infected us with the travel virus after traveling to Gambia and Iceland by himself and Mongolië with us. Now we travel together with the three of us! And to be honest, the car is my mobile home, but I allow my owners to travel with me.

Brrr… s-s-sooo COLD!