The Netherlands

Yes, COVID also changed our traveling plans and dreams. When we returned from our year away we had in mind to continue traveling in a few months for 3 or 4 more months.
Our dream was to go to Kazachstan, Turkmenistan, Tadjikistan etc. Because we loved Kazachstan passed time and wanted to spent more time here.

But then COVID 19 hit the world! We decided to fully go for a job and focus on this for a while again. And to be honoust: we were happy to be home again. We wouldn’t want to be on the road and within countries shutting down, lockdowns and quarantines with lots of testing, restaurants, bars and hotels closing. We were safe at home and had a new focus: WORK!

The positive thing of COVID for us (and especially Mom) was that we appreciate everything we have a bit more. We live in a great country, with good health arrangements, we are all healthy, we have a good home, we have the luxury to dream about travels ahead of us and save money while working! As long as we are together we can handle this COVID thing.

We decided, when possible, to travel through The Netherlands a bit more. Because we had to admit that we haven’t seen a lot of the ‘hotspots’ that we advise our visitors to visit when coming to The Netherlands. And due to COVID we get to visit these places in piece and quietness! Lots of cities we shortly visited before, but never took the time to properly do a city tour. This was our GIFT! Let’s Go!



De Zuiderwaterlinie Route Noord Brabant