Because us lab doggos have a thick tail that helps us steer in the water, but also helps us on land keeping our balance, we almost can’t go without. Off course some dogs needed their tail to be taken off due to an accident, but that is more about our flexibility and ability to adjust to the new situation like no other.
Because our Toyota Landcruiser HZJ74 is not the biggest in its kind, especially the interior, Dad came up with the idea of his own car tail. A trailer that holds some keyfunctions for an overlander such as a kitchen station, a roof top tent to be finally off the ground, storage space for dog and human food, solar panels, batteries and chargers etc. In 2019 this idea became reality. Meet our expedition trailer: The ToughTail build by our Dad!

This collage was one of the first official drawings of Dads idea of an expedition trailer. The chassis is from an English army Sankey Trailers originally made to follow the army landrovers. We have the small track Sankey trailer which almost follows our car tracks exactly, which is nice in the sand.
Dad wanted to build a sturdy trailer that would survive off roading, like our car does. We found a good trailer in Belgium and went to pick it up immediately. The chassis was looking good for its age and almost immediately we removed the top box. Dad shortened the chassis at the front of the trailer, near the drawbar (triangle), to make the trailer more flexible but still keep its strength. The trailer doesn’t only have enough space when we make tight corners or u-turns but as well when driving on or of a steep slope. In all those situations he didn’t want the trailer to be the first restriction to think off. When the full construction for the box on top, the spare wheel for the trailer (different pitch than the car=Landrover) and the frame for the watertank was ready, the entire chassis was galvanized. This way we are sure it was not letting us down due to quick rust! In the meantime Dad could start the drawings for the box that should hold all electronics, batteries, solar panels, rooftoptent weight, kitchen station, hold fridge and storage weight etc. The panels have been pre-cut and bended for us, so we could add all rubbers and assemble at home in our own garage. And before we knew it, we couldn’t wait to finish the details to go on our 1 year trip around Europe in 2019!

Are you curious to see the inside of the trailer?

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