From Croatia to Albania


What a wonderful trip we’ve had. We arived in Albania and this is the first country where the things work a little bit different than the Western countries. There are not many tourists and the trafic is already hectic. First with balls comes first in traffic.

The first thing we notice in Albania is that people are very friendly. We tend to wave at people to show that we come in good piece, and they all wave back. They laugh at you and show their tumbs because they like our car or the dog… It’s really obvious that the people are super friendly. If they can’t help you because they don’t speak English than they try with their hand and feet. They laughed a bit when we ordered cheese and we asked if it was from a cow (MEUH) or from a goat (MEHHH) or from a sheep (BEHHH). They said (MEHHHH) so we knew it was sheep cheese. The minced meat was a bit more difficult to explain but we got there with also our hand and feet.

For some time my mum had some trouble to write a story because she had no inspiration and no eneregy. We just drove to Berat and the coffee place has good WIFI, so let’s just try to write something down.

Our first day in Albania was awesome. We arived at a river to camp up and a man warned us that fishers would come in the morning for their boats and we should park to the side of the river. So we did and we joined a little family that was swimming. After swimming we said bye bye because they were leaving… but then they came back and shared with us half of their water lemon!! Because they like us… Really amazing for our first day within the country.

On the second day we went to Theth to drive a 4×4 track in the mountains. We met an Italian couple that asked us to drive together. The trail was high in the mountains with steep walls towards the ground and the trail was very bumpy. They asked if we could drive together because they felt safer that way. We agreed and we had lunch together and they prepared pasta for us the next day. We slept at the same place and did the rest of the trail the next day as well. They are very nice and now are our Italian friends Alessio and Anastacia. We had a track of 30 km and we took 6 hours to drive it…. pfff after these hours mummy and me where quite done with the trail and dad was completely satisfied that the car and the trailer both worked great.

So this short blog was just to tell everyone that we are having MUCH FUN in Albania. It is great and cheap and the people are truly friendly!! We are doing well and are all healthy. Mum is a bit tired, so we should take it easy, but after albania we are driving trough Greece to Turkey. Then we can relax again when we are in Greece. A big kiss and hugs for all of you! We love you all and we miss you a bit as well!

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  1. Jack says:

    Thhis is a great post thanks

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    1. labopstap says:

      Thank you so much ☺️

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  2. Maaike Harmsen says:

    Veeel plezier lieverds !!


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