Job almost done


These are my bosses last weeks working 2 days a week. He is close to quiting his job completely and working on my mobile travel home for our 2019 European trip!! So exciting… He has to get used to not going to your 9 to 17 job…

My mom is still trying to build up her hour-schedule at her job. And to be honest she is struggling a bit. The energy is not sufficient to increase the hours and she is hit by depression again. Despite all I’m supporting her and we keep pushing through! I take her for a daily walk anyways 🙂
We are also working on clothing bags for the back of our car. They surve as clothing bags and cushions for your back when you’re sitting at the same time. We inherited our grandparents sewing machine, which is great for this job! Now my boss wants lots of bags for his tools, little stuff in the dashboard cabinet, sunscreens for the windows etc. Nothing we can’t handle, right?!

Before we know it, it is May and we start our travel. I’m still working on my medication research for my scratching. This is a neurogen. It is a signal inside my brain that tells me to scratch my right shoulder. But I have no itch or anything. Now we are trying to find out if I can stop the scratching by taking the medication… For me it doesn’t matter though: I get a little piece of food (medication) extra every day!

The sun is currently shining and it feels as if spring is coming! It helps my mom to get through the day, because there is nothing better than a little bit of sunshine on your skin and I can swim everyday again!

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