The Nordkapp and Finland


We had rain all day and went for a drink in a little village. Not knowing that all bands from the area were there as well. We found a place with WIFI and installed ourselves for a coffee break. Funny thing is that in a restaurant we are used to being served at the table. But in Norway that’s not the case. You have to go and get your stuff at the bar and take it back to your table. Not a lot of work and of course no problem, but funny that we thought that being served is part of the formula of a restaurant.
We were able to find Kaj a hairdresser today. From the South of Norway we tried every hairsalon we found to get them cut Kaj’s here, but none of them had the time… Now we found Moustafa and Kaj’s hair is being cut today, YEAH! The result is looking good!

What is the difference between waking up in the rain on a camping and in the wild? I think still the convenience of washing up and brushing your teeth and doing your hair and taking medication in a dry indoor bathroom, instead of doing all of these things in the middle of the rain. I don’t know why, but it does make a huge difference for my mom. She feels better on a camping when its raining. Let it be a lessons learned for us.

In the meantime I had a drop-fiesta… a what?? I had a liquorish-fiesta (Drop-feestje). We went on one of the last big trips wit the boat to the Lofoten. This is a boat trip from about 3 hours. It was a rough see, we have to say. My parents met two motor cyclers, a couple from England, policewoman and firefighter, and they were great. We saw them on several ferry trips and started talking about all kinds of things. However… My liquorish-fiesta.. I was alone in the car for about 3 hours and there is no possibility for checking up how everyone still in the car is doing, because all people have to go upstairs for the ferry trip. So I had myself a bit of time and decided to eat the half liquorish bag we had been given by Roel and Eva as a travel gift. I was under the impression that they specifically left it hidden for me in the centre console… not?? It was very tasteful, so thank you Roel and Eva for the liquorish.. we (let’s say, mostly me), I , enjoyed it very much. Of course my owners found out when coming back to the car. My mom was immediately worried because it contains a lot of salt, they say. Indeed that evening I got a salt kick. I had to vomit for a few days and had some bowl issues and was very thirsty, but other than that I loved the candy! Now I’m all better and I would do it again if I had the chance.

To finish up, the Lofoten were wet. It only rained and rained and rained. The mist and clouds were hiding all the rocks and mountains, so not much to see there. We visited an old fishers village, which had some delicacies for us. Cinnamon buns with buttercream inside. Delicious!

We moved up in the rain towards the Nordkapp. This was quite some miles, but there was nothing really to see and nothing else to do than driving, in the rain. Along the way we have seen quite some reindeer. A lot even, also in groups. They don’t like people, nor pictures so much. But we managed to take a few quick shots here and there. 
The Nordkapp was cold and windy. I think the temperature was around 10 degrees but the wind was very cold and hard. We almost blew off the rocks, but managed to take a picture as well. Everyone loved me on the Nordkapp and people even took pictures of me, because I reminded them of their own dogs. It was fun, but I wasn’t allowed to go inside the buildings and museum, so the trip to the Nordkapp was short.


We entered Finland and the weather became slightly better. We actually have had some sunny days during the week with 20 degrees. We however do have a lot of mosquitos. I get bitten on my legs, but I have a fur so its oke. My mom on the other hand got bitten on her bottom, through the chair. Her complete bottom is one big mosquito bite. The weather forecast doesn’t seem to be very correct, so we live from day to day concerning the weather. Yesterday we stayed on a camping and it was only for €10,- because we have a tent. Yes madam it’s a tent, not a trailer that looks like a caravan … hihihi…
It was nice for my parents to take a shower after a week wild camping. Now I’m again the most smelliest being in the car, instead of my mom or dad.

In Finland everything if very far away. You have to drive long straight roads with trees on either side. It becomes a bit boring sometimes. My mom started driving as well to make it a bit more doable during the day, otherwise it is sooooo boring. I wouldn’t know because I sleep all day! We have this track on the GPS that we are following and it is only dirt roads. Nothing special, just dirt roads through the forest for hours and hours to come. The benefit of the trail was that we saw our first mommy Moose and her baby. We wouldn’t have seen them if it wasn’t for the track, but we are now more and more making kilometres on the road. We are going to the Päjänne lake district and later to a city called Tampere. From there we are going to Turku Abo and then to Helsinki. The little towns are not that exciting and everything is inside here. A cup of coffee is already difficult to find here, because its hidden in buildings. We get that this is done for the winter time and all, but in the summer time it doesn’t do anything for the atmosphere of the town. The highlight of our day is the trip to the supermarket… almost!
The Finish people are very nice, just as the Norwegians. But we think that the Norwegians are slightly more open for conversation. But if you get the Finish people to speak English, then they are great. A few nights back we happened to make fire in a shed and a fishers group joined us to grill their sausage… yes that is actually a thing here… grill your sausage over the fire! They got talking to my parents and it was great. The Finish language is however very difficult. The Norwegian language was comparable to Dutch, so you could understand the context of words or sentences. The Finish is nothing like this. You can’t understand anything of it, not in writing and not in speech!

So, to make a long story even longer… We are all doing good. My moms mindset is still a bit depending on the weather, but it is getting better. This because the weather is also getting better. My dad is always doing fine, but he tries to relax more. He went into the sauna the other day with a Finish guy we met on the camping. He swam in the lake and then went back into the sauna… He had a good Finish relaxation time! I’m always fine when at least I get my walks, my food, my swimming water and my cuddles. And if I have no sunshine, I want to lay down in the car.

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  1. E. Schuin says:

    Super, geniet van de reis


  2. Veldman says:

    Nou weer een heel verhaal. Geweldig wat een belevenis. Nu afzakken naar de zon en even op adem komen. Veel plezier!!!!!!!!


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